Your test for the detection of cervical cancer

GynTect® provides rapid certainty in the event of abnormal Pap and HPV findings and reliably detects cervical cancer.


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Suitable for you if you

  • want more certainty after an abnormal Pap test or positive HPV result
  • are looking for non-invasive diagnostics (simple smear test without surgery)
  • want to avoid prolonged waiting and observation
  • want to remain under treatment with your gynaecologist without immediate referral to a specialist clinic

Reliable diagnosis.
With just one smear test.

Abnormal Pap results or a positive HPV test can indicate cancer as part of cervical cancer screening. However, they often turn out to be a “false alarm”.

For many women, such findings generally lead to a controlled wait-and-see approach. This so-called watchful waiting regularyleads to severe psychological stress.

Alternatively, time-consuming examinations, such as a colposcopy or biopsy,are then necessary for further clarification. In addition, positive test results are sometimes followed by potentially unwarranted surgical procedures like conizations.

We want to protect women from these negative experiences. Therefore, after extensive research, we have developed GynTect®.. This innovative test detects cervical cancer at an early stage and gives you certainty without unnecessary physical or psychological stress.

Advantages of GynTect®

Without surgery

To carry out GynTect®, your gynecologist takes a swab sample from the cervix, similar to the Pap test. No deeper interventions are necessary.

Early certainty

GynTect® can distinguish at an early stage between cell changes that heal on their own and those that develop into cancer, avoiding unnecessary operations.

Rapid implementation

The GynTect® test can be carried out in the laboratory within a few days. Your doctor will usually receive a reliable result just a few days after sending the swab sample.

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  • Supports the diagnosis of cervical cancer in the event of a positive HPV test or an abnormal Pap test
  • Non-invasive: a smear test at the gynecologist’s is sufficient
  • No long wait: test results within a few days
  • Confirmed in clinical studies

Precise results within days

How GynTect® works

1. your gynecologist takes a simple swab sample, as one would expect from routine examinations, and sends it to the laboratory.

2. the laboratory uses the GynTect® test to examine the DNA of the cervical cells for cancer-typical changes.

3. a distinction can be made between cell changes that heal on their own and those that can develop into cancer.

4. the test result is available within a few working days and is sent to your doctor.

The test has two results: Negative and Positive.

There is a small risk of cervical cancer at the time of testing. If dysplasia is present, there is a  high probability that it is not malignant.

There is a high risk of cervical cancer or a malignant precursor. Therapeutic action is advisable.

How accurate are the results of GynTect®?

Based on available study data, GynTect® is suitable for making a clear statement about the disease status of patients with abnormal Pap smears.

In all previous studies, GynTect® was able to detect all cases of cervical cancer.

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Our research makes the difference.

“Much more education is needed about what abnormal Pap results or a positive HPV test really mean. And we need much better, more precise diagnostics to prevent the psychological burden of unclear findings from arising in the first place. GynTect® offers patients and doctors this important support.”

How to obtain GynTect®

3 steps to certainty

Request GynTect® today

The GynTect® smear test may only be performed by your gynecologist. You can request the appropriate smear collection kit from us free of charge. Simply use our short online form and we will help you with the organization.

Have a smear taken

Your gynecologist will then take a swab of your cervix. The sample is then sent to a laboratory. There your smear will be analyzed using the GynTect test kit. You only agree to GynTect for a fee once you have signed the treatment contract with your gynaecologist and it has been sent to the laboratory together with the sample.

Receiving the result

Within a few days, the laboratory will determine your result and send it to your doctor. Your doctor will then discuss the result with you. In most cases, you will be given the all-clear, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief.

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