The smear test

The test is only approved for samples that have been swabbed by medical staff.

Unless you have made other arrangements with your gynecologist’s office, the swab collection kit will be sent to you, the patient.

Contact us. Together we will find out how we can help you. We may be able to provide your doctor with more information about GynTect®. You should also ask your doctor exactly why to find out whether GynTect® is the best option in your personal case.

In principle, the swab sample for GynTect® can be taken at any doctor’s office. However,  not all doctors may be familiar with this relatively new test. In this case, we will be happy to support the respective doctor’s practice with comprehensive information.

No. GynTect® was developed to clarify abnormalities in cervical cancer screening, such as an abnormal Pap result or a positive HPV test. It does not replace your screening routine.

The GynTect® result.

You will find out the GynTect® result from your gynecologist. For legal reasons, diagnostic laboratories without a laboratory doctor are not allowed to communicate results directly to patients.

If a GynTect® result is positive, then it is likely that cervical cancer or a preliminary stage is present. If the GynTect® result isnegative, then cervical cancer is unlikely at the time of testing. If cell changes are present, they are most likely not malignant.

The result of the GynTect® test supports the decision-making process as to whether invasive treatment is necessary.


Once you have decided on GynTect®, order a smear test kit from us. Then make an appointment with your gynecologist to have the smear test performed. The kit also includes an examination request form. Send the swab sample and the signed application form back to oncgnostics using the enclosed return label.

It is best to proceed step by step. Once you have decided on GynTect®, order the smear test kit from us. You can make an appointment with your gynecologist at the same time. Make sure that you have received the smear collection kit before your doctor’s appointment. Shipping may take a few days.

You will receivethe GynTect® result from your gynecologist. For legal reasons, laboratories without a laboratory doctor are not allowed to communicate results directly to patients.

As GynTect® is carried out in a laboratory, we do not send the test itself. We will send you the smear collection kit to the address you provided when ordering.

We do not work with contract doctors. Doctors who use GynTect® decide freely and independently. If your doctor does not want to use GynTect® because he or she is not familiar with the test, please contact us. We will be happy to provide your gynecologist’s practice with the necessary information.


GynTect® is an individual health service (IGeL) that is not covered by statutory health insurance. The patient is responsible for paying 150 euros per kit. (This regulation applies to Germany)

No. Costs are only incurred when the swab sample is returned.

You can decide when completing the application form whether you want to pay the bill yourself or whether you want to authorize a SEPA direct debit.

It is best to discuss this with your gynecologist in advance.

The invoice goes to the patient.

GynTect® anfordern

Kontaktieren Sie uns, um GynTect® zu erhalten

Auf Anfrage erhalten Sie ein kostenloses Abstrichentnahmeset, dem ein Behandlungsvertrag beiliegt. Erst wenn die Abstrichprobe gemeinsam mit dem unterschriebenen Untersuchungsantrag bei uns im Labor eingegangen ist, verpflichten Sie sich, die Kosten in Höhe von 150 Euro zu übernehmen.

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