GynTect® for suspected cervical cancer

Certainty with just one smear test.

Reliable cervical cancer diagnosis with GynTect®

After years of research, we have succeeded in developing a reliable test for the detection of cervical cancer.

GynTect® gives you clarity. Especially if you have an abnormal Pap test result and/or have tested positive for HPV.

This means you can avoid months of waiting and unnecessary surgery.

Cervical cancer screening

What moves you

Do you have questions about cervical cancer screening, HPV and Pap tests? We have prepared extensive information for you under the motto “What matters to you”.

The people behind GynTect®

We research and develop for billions of women

Mit GynTect® möchten Dr. Hansel und Dr. Schmitz die Gebärmutterhalskrebs-Diagnostik revolutionieren.
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